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MY GIRL STUFF: 3 Top Things That Drive Me Crazy

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 Top Things That Drive Me Crazy

i met with my bestie..(GIRL FRIENDS)...just now..well, we hang out and discuss about girl stuffs..we have different thoughts but we have the same, lets check it out....

3. cHeEse cAke (Yummy yummy...i love the taste! its deliciousOOOO! and it have a great wonder i fall in love with it..choco cheese cake, blueberry cheese cake, strawberry cheese cake and wateva cheese so truly madly deeply with cheese cake..;)

2. CLEO mAgaZiNe ( favorite magazine.its a wonderful magazine...its a girl thing...all girl stuff..i am girl, whats not to like huh??! hot topics, hot celebrities, hot gossips, hot fashions! trust me, it will be a great time if u read on it with a piece of cheese cake...ohhhh, makes me feel refreshed!

1. SHOPPING!!!! (YIPPY! This is the most thing that drive me crazy like hell! i love shopping. i love it so much. do i? of course i do! im quite a hyperactive girl - i can't sit still!!! so i decided to give shopping a go in weekend or free time. i thought it was really fun and exciting. it makes me feel better. so, here is a great blog to shopping with..and this what i am really to..i wanna share my interests with people that have the same thoughts with go girl!

p/s : love shopping but dont forget to save $$$ more...huhu